Two roads diverged in a wood,
And I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference. 
From The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

A few hours out of Bangalore and there's a drastic change in the landscape. Arid, flat browns battle with flashes of emerald, and are finally gobbled up by green as the climb to Coorg begins. Go to any travel blog or post on Coorg and the approach describes in vivid, verdant detail. They're not wrong. What they won't prepare you for is Meriyanda, an eco-luxury escape.

Meriyanda is...
A river that sparkles just outside your veranda; where natural springs abound. Sentinel trees that loom, over a 100 years old, and should you care to spend some time with them (and you should), each has a story to tell. Trekking trails that snake in and out of vegetation so lush, you just know that you're looking at primary growth. Critters of every hue on walls and rocks that are as fascinated by you, as you will be, by them. Watch for the distinctive racket-tailed Black Drongo or Bheema Raja as the locals call it, because he heralds the rains. And this is when you should be firmly ensconced in Meriyanda.

Meriyanda Nature Lodge, An eco luxury boutique resort in Coorg, located adjoining stunning riverside, overlooking Kotebetta mountains, amidst 40 acres of coffee plantations, rainforest and a striking hanging bridge. The architecturally superior wooden luxury cottages, stilted and perched high above the ground, find a unique way to blend with nature and maximize the treetop view.

With individual private decks that overlook Coorg’s evocative landscape, our resort with large glass panels bring the green valley, its towering trees and the coffee plantation inside your room as natural wallpaper. The luxury and privacy of these cottages and the enchanting chorus of forest birds outside make this a splendid and refined haven for family getaways, honeymooners, nature lovers and anyone seeking an escape from the ordinary.

Meriyanda accommodates and entertains guests in a way that is minimally intrusive to the environment and is committed towards sustaining the diversity of the Coorg's natural and cultural environment. We are one of the few places in the world that is built inside a functional coffee plantation. Trees were cut down to the last, and cottages built around them on stilts which connect us to flora & fauna in our “Nature deficit disorder” lives.

Meriyanda is conceived as an eco-resort and designed to blend with its surroundings without compromising on comfort as if it is the extension of the nature around and reflects the soul of its owner.

A perfect place to bond with your family on your weekend getaways with riverside picnics, bonfires, firewood barbecues, board games or just to bask in the sun, gazing at the hills, watching birds on the forest walks, sauntering in the shade of the woods, luxuriating in the spa,  it might just make the bond grow even richer and the calm grow still deeper.

The made-from-scratch  menu using the freshest ingredients created by proficient chefs gives you a satiated culinary experience. Indulge in a specialty coffee, tuck into a bowl of Pandi curry or enjoy an evening of nature dining. Meriyanda,  follows an anti-buffet Policy, and if you are wondering why we don’t have a buffet planned, it’s because  food prepared in small quantities achieve greater flavor and then there is a lot of magic in specially curated meals.

For a romantic escape or a family celebration, a meal al fresco presents a great way to experience Meriyanda’s unique location. Choose your dining experience from picnics by the riverside to romantic candle light dinner at our outdoor gazebos and the pond island.

And you don’t want to miss the magical monsoon of Coorg, because, while the websites and media tell you to visit between September and March, it is in the monsoon that Coorg truly awakens.

Our personalized service and a committed team make it one of the top and best rated resorts in Madikeri, Coorg.  Located adjoining Hattihole riverside, a tributary of the Kaveri river, Kote Abbey waterfalls and the charming hamlet of Coorg, 260 km from Bangalore, 150 km from Mangalore Meriyanda is your best weekend getaway.

Meriyanda is a sensory refuge, an introspective retreat, a stream of discoveries, a strengthening of connections, a place to appreciate the finer things without pretense, a true escape that is not measured in distance travelled, but by how far it transports you.

Come dip your feet in the river, kindle your soul and enjoy the accelerating feeling of being in the midst of a biodiversity hotspot.