As a plantation stay in Coorg, we offer our guests a warmth and character which is tough to find for even the most well-acquainted traveller. Modern and contemporary in nature, our unique architecture goes hand-in-hand with the nobility of wood. Our meticulously selected cottages provide unparalleled vistas and feature fully air-conditioned rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

King’s Villa

A Presidential suite is the most beautiful villa featuring two king-size bedrooms with four poster beds and a spacious living room, besides a dining area and three large generous balconies with the view of Kote Betta Mountain and a valley.

Queen’s Villa

Queen’s Villa is a wooden luxury suite with a king-size bedroom and a spacious living room, as well as two large private balconies with views of the Mountain and valley.

Planter’s Cottage

Planter’s Cottages are luxury wooden cottages on stilts, each with a private balcony and glass panelled windowsfor a lush view of the forest and coffee plantation.