Planter’s Cottages are luxury wooden cottages on stilts, each with a private balcony and glass panelled windows for a lush view of the forest and coffee plantation. Our luxurious, stilted cottages are designed to provide a true sense of immersion in nature. With an elevated aspect, our wooded cottage offers up-close views of trees, birds, and butterflies from the fully open balconies. You get the opportunity to spot unique birds, breathe in the early morning mist, and feel the rays of the sun falling on you.

The view is a lush haven of greenery with coffee plantations on a sloped terrain.

Our spacious cottages are elegantly furnished to provide a blend of style and great comfort. Warm interiors and a thoughtful layout of this cottage make it comfortable and safe for you and your children. Each cottage features a large bedroom, a stylish stone-and-wood bathroom, and a balcony with a relaxing rocking chair.