Food for the Wandering Soul

At Meriyanda, we believe food, more importantly, healthy, natural and locally sourced food provides our guests with a reason to come again and again. Prepare to be tantalized by the aroma of freshly ground spices, the vibrant colors of locally sourced ingredients, and unique Kodagu cooking techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Selectively Fresh and Authentic – Zero Buffet Policy

Sustainability in food is one of our key goals, and we believe food cannot be one and the same for everyone. That is why you would be hard-pressed to find a buffet when you come to Meriyanda for your luxury holiday in Coorg. We cook our food fresh in small batches, ensuring freshness that you can literally taste. Yield to the green surroundings and the stunning views as you partake the finest meals cooked with heart and responsibility.

A Bite for All Taste Buds

We welcome you to savor a tantalizing spread of Kodagu cuisine, which has been influenced and shaped by the history, geography, and culture of the people of the region. Here, the originality of garnishes and the seasonality of the produce remains supreme. Select from a delectable list of items including famous local delicacies.

We also serve a variety of North Indian, South Indian, and select Continental cuisine for those looking to enrich their palate with a taste of everything.

Experiential Dining

Meriyanda Nature Retreat and Spa in Coorg is not just a place to stay, it’s a place to truly experience Coorg. Every dining setting is an invitation to connect with nature, with your loved ones, and with the vibrant flavors of this enchanting region.

Indulge with your significant other in gastronomic delights at a riverside picnic, or spend a candlelit night in the Gazebo. Pack a picnic with your family as you go trail hiking in the machan. We ensure the good time you have at Meriyanda is always supported by great food.