Revel in the Warmth of Shared Moments

Couples seeking a private getaway, families rekindling fond memories, health enthusiasts on wellness journeys, lovers of adventure and bird watching– all are encouraged to venture beyond the riverside resort’s terraces and patios and truly explore the bounty of our environs.

Nature Walk – A Guided Plantation Tour

Our guided walks are an immersive tapestry which weave you through the emerald threads of coffee plantations, the peppery spice of cardamom groves, and lead you to the whispering secrets of the riverside. Our trails are carefully selected and wind through thickets and tall trees, each turn revealing a new brushstroke in Coorg’s vibrant landscape. Our nature walk is ideal for couples looking to spend some quality time at a honeymoon resort in Coorg.

Riverside Picnic

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Meriyanda Coorg resort. Here, picnics aren’t just meals, they’re daily adventures woven into the very fabric of the enchanting landscape that envelopes us. Spend time with your loved ones as your laughter echoes through the air, one delicious bite at a time.


As the misty veil lifts from the hills, we urge our visitors to partake in the joy of birdwatching. At Meriyanda, we believe it is a deep immersion in to the rhythm of the mountain wilderness. The crisp morning air invigorates your lungs as you become a silent observer, chasing the language of the birds. Common sightings within our property include the Malabar Whistling thrush, Emerald Dove, and many more.

Bonfire and Barbecue

Extend the magic beyond the plate as you invoke the warmth of a crackling bonfire under a starry night sky. Share stories and banter as your dinner turns into a captivating dance of firelight, laughter, and the soul-satisfying aroma of a wood-fired barbecue.

We tempt your senses with the juiciest grills, and a symphony of flavours, orchestrated by the skilled hands of our chefs and the undeniable magic of open flames.

Coffee Picking

Immerse yourself into the Kodagu lifestyle at Meriyanda Nature Retreat and Spa, where the rich aroma of coffee isn’t just in the air, but also an experience. Join our skilled team of coffee-pickers and learn the art of hand-picking ruby red beans of coffee straight from the source. Our skilled planters guide you the secrets of drying, roasting, and brewing, unlocking the magic of single-origin coffee.

Waterfall Trek / Drive

There are many reasons which make Meriyanda one of the best resorts in Coorg. Primary among them is our proximity to the scenic Hattihole river and the Kote Abbey waterfalls, just 3 kms from our location. You can choose to trek or drive down the waterfalls, and soak in the feeling where time stands still beneath a veil of falling water.

Relaxation and Indoor Activities

Hammocks and swings abound within our Coorg resort, allowing you to pick up a book and unwind at your own leisure. For kids and families, we serve as the perfect Bangalore getaway as laughter erupts from the cosy corners of our lounge replete with board games and activities.